DIY Skills: How to Replace the Carburetor on a Toro Recycler Mower

Maintaining a lawnmower is essential to ensure its optimum performance, and at some point, you may need to replace a worn carburetor with a new one. This article focuses on the process of replacing the carburetor on a Toro Recycler 22-inch 190cc Personal Pace Lawnmower with blade override. While it may seem like a daunting task, it can be accomplished with basic do-it-yourself skills.

The Toro lawnmower is powered by a Briggs & Stratton engine, known for its reliability. This particular model features a single side draft carburetor with no throttle control. Instead, the lever on the handlebar releases the friction stop, allowing the engine to run freely when pressed and stopping when released. The carburetor operates with a heat-activated choke and a sealed air filter housing that restricts air and supplies fuel through a siphon hole. This configuration eliminates the need for external adjustments as the engine maintains a consistent RPM.

Regular maintenance is necessary for the air filter and cleaning the siphon hole on the carburetor. Therefore, when servicing the carburetor, it’s recommended to also pay attention to the air filter.


To replace the carburetor, you’ll need a screwdriver, wrench, new air filter, and a new carburetor. Start by removing the air filter. Loosen and remove the top screw holding the housing in place, allowing the housing to swivel. Lift the housing and remove the filter, replacing it with a new one. Take the opportunity to clean the air filter housing.

Before removing the carburetor, disconnect the fuel line and have a stopper ready to prevent fuel spillage. Two bolts on each side secure the carburetor, which can be removed with a wrench. Clean the mounting flange and unclip the choke lever attached to the top of the carburetor. Insert the new carburetor using the reverse order of the removal process, ensuring to use the supplied new gaskets. Place a gasket on the part of the carburetor that connects to the engine and the side that contacts the air filter housing.

While performing these tasks, it’s advisable to replace the spark plug as well.

After completing the replacement, the lawnmower should function properly. However, if it fails to start within the next two months, additional troubleshooting may be required.

If the mower doesn’t start, disassemble and clean the parts before reassembling. If the problem persists, the issue could be related to the amount of fuel flowing through the carburetor’s siphon hole. The carburetor contains a metering needle that can easily become clogged. However, the needle can be cleaned without removing the entire carburetor assembly.

Focus on the fuel bowl located at the lower section of the carburetor. In the center of the fuel bowl, there is a brass-colored bolt that houses the metering needle. Remove the bolt, spray the top of the needle with carburetor cleaner, and then replace the bolt. Although the needle may not appear dirty, even a small amount of fuel containing microscopic debris can cause blockages in the system.

By following these steps and maintaining regular cleaning and maintenance, you can ensure the proper functioning of your Toro lawnmower. Replacing the carburetor and addressing any related issues will help keep your lawnmower in excellent condition, allowing you to achieve the best performance and results when mowing your lawn.

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